Determining the Signs for the Replacement or Repair of your Swimming Pool Pump

You must learn to accept as a pool owner the fact that eventually, time will come that your swimming pool pumps will demand some repair or replacement. With that in mind, it is only imperative that you learn to detect the signs that you already need one as a responsible property owner.


1 – The Age Factor


An early trouble sign that your pump either needs repair or replacement is its age. If it is already more than ten years old, keeping an eye on irregularities and frequent malfunctions is essential. Bear in mind that the assembly of the components inside your pool filtration system is not designed to last forever and only has a shelf life of 12 to 15 years. Replacing your ineffective pumps as early as possible can help in saving you more than a little amount of money in the long run as the energy efficiency of these components has come so far in the past ten years.


2 – Noise


Your pool pump should not create any noise during the entire duration of use. It is undeniable that nobody most especially your neighbours want to hear some annoying grinding sounds specifically if they are trying to relax. If your pool pump now produces any noise, it only means that you already need to repair or replace it as soon as possible. Noisy pool pumps and motor noises can be a result of lousy pool motor bearings, precisely due to rust. When unwanted water gets in from a leaky shaft seal, it gives way for rust to occur inside the machine.


3 – Instances of Power Tripping


If your pool pumps motor starts to trip your electrical breaker box more and more regularly, it is a clear sign that you need to replace it now as it is a significant sign that your motor is on its last leg already along with a much larger electrical issue. In this case, a repair is probably not going to be cost-effective, and the best option you should take is to replace your pool pump or motor. However, to make sure, you should ask a local poor repair company.



4 – The Motor Shuts Off More Often Than Usual


The primary reason behind the shutting down of your pump motor after only using it in a short while can be either it is clogged or becoming over-heated. Keep in mind that the engine should always run smoothly. So, if you notice that your swimming pool pumps aren’t functioning well, the fan or the other parts of the pump can either been over-worked or not working anywhere near the way they should. As soon as you notice this problem, call a professional to help you check and fix it immediately.