5 Verandah Ideas to Improve Its Design

Verandahs are extremely attractive in anyone’s home. It’s an outdoor feature that can turn heads – especially if it’s Verandahswell-designed. Verandahs – www.firstchoicehomeimprovements.com.au helps homeowners create the best quality verandah. But you can make it even better. Turn your verandah into the face of your home by incorporating these five simple ideas to highlight its overall design:


1.) Add SomeOutdoorCurtains

As elegant and charming as a newly-built, unadorned verandah already looks, you can make it even better by adding some charm-boosting light curtains. They not only complement your verandahs well, but they also add some much-needed privacy and shade against the glaring sunlight. Make sure that you match the colour of your curtains to the overall theme of your verandah.


2.) Combine Your Verandah with a Pergola

There’s nothing quite slick and innovative than a combination of two of the best outdoor features out there. A pergola design matches well with your verandah as it can also provide some aesthetic upgrades to your outdoors. You can also incorporate modern pergolas to work as an extender to your verandah. You can then add shade or climbers for an alluring look and functional designs.


3.) Hanging Vines & Plants

If you want a more natural-looking verandah, why don’t you incorporate something organic like hanging plants and vines to complement its overall look? Hanging plants add some much-needed definition to your front verandah. You can make use of its vertical space to create something unique that will spark some beauty and appeal.


4.) Complement Your Verandahs with Stone Steps

This feature is ideal for both front and back verandas. What better way to define the entrance to your home with an attractive set of stone steps? It may look medieval, but it’s entirely modernistic considering the design and the type of stones you’re going to use.


5.) Add a Sofa Swing

Having a rustic sofa-like swing is one of the absolute best additions for your front of back verandah. It may be quite challenging to install though, so you should contact Verandahs – www.firstchoicehomeimprovements.com.au and have our guys fit the sofa swing for your convenience. You don’t have to buy a pre-made sofa swing as you can create one yourself. It’s cheaper yet still strong and sturdy.

Verandahs are an absolute must-have for any Australian home. Don’t pass up on this fantastic feature. If you are interested, contact us now, and we’ll bring over a capable team that will help bring your dream verandah to life.