Water Pump Varieties Used for Construction Projects

Water pumps come in different models, sizes, and capacities. In the construction setting, their use is primarily for dewatering and the removal of excess water accumulation in sites. The possibility of excess water building up has different causes, including that of a high water table, heavy or torrential raining, and others. The reason why you need Davey water pumps is to prevent potential damage to your site due to flooding or water runoff. The water pumps for construction use are either manual or hydraulic, and they also can be powered by gas or electricity.



There are traditionally two types of water pumps, namely centrifugal and positive displacement; however, it is worth mentioning that both varieties can move water from one place to another continuously and efficiently. The centrifugal type of water pump takes advantage of a rotating impeller in efficiently running the water into the pump while also pressurising the discharge flow. There are several types of the centrifugal pump you can buy in the market today, including a standard type trash type, and the submersible variety. The advantage of a centrifugal water pump is that it can handle all kinds of water, including low viscosity types. Likewise, you expect it to be the ideal solution if you are working with thin liquids as well as those with high flow rates.

On the other hand, a positive displacement water pump affords a fixed amount of water flow via the mechanical contraction as well as the expansion of a versatile diaphragm system. In the construction industry, the positive displacement pump is perfect for managing high viscosity liquid varieties and in instances when there is a presence of sensitive solids. You must pick this variety if your construction application requires the combination of high pressure and low flow.

Know that the centrifugal pumping system is best for water system applications and dewatering, too. You use Davey water pumps to pump water supplies in buildings. The centrifugal variety is designed to be compatible with pneumatic systems and in situations when the suction lift is not necessary. You can also count on this type if you are hoping to boost pressure in water intake lines as well as pumping water from domestic wells. Likewise, they are excellent in terms of providing a continuous pressure source in fire protection.

Positive displacement water pumps, meanwhile, are commonly called rotary pumps, and the reason is that they are useful in terms of getting rid of air from the lines. Doing so means there no longer is a need to bleed the air. As mentioned earlier, it is a type of water pump that is known for its effectiveness in handling high viscosity liquids. But you also must understand that the positive displacement water pump requires a small clearance between the rotating pump and the outer edge, suggesting that rotation must happen in slow speeds.