Choosing A New Hot Water System – What You Need to Know

If you have ever purchased a new hot water system for your home, then you know how difficult it is to have it. First, it interferes with your finances since you will have to pay some extra money for the additional services. When looking for a new instantaneous hot water system, you should carefully do some research before getting one. You should understand the advantages and disadvantages of the hot water system. Do not be in a rush to purchase the hot water system, but take your time and know what you want.

The first choice that you will have to make is the type of flow that your system utilises. You will have two options:

Storage systems

With storage systems, water will be heated to the desired temperature, and then it will be stored in a tank until it is consumed. This works better when you have a large family or home.

Continuous or instantaneous systems

This system will only heat water when it is needed. This means that you will never run out of water since it flows continuously. This is the best for a smaller family or smaller homes.

The other thing to consider before buying a new hot water system is the power supply. There are three options for power supply. These are solar, gas, and heat pump power supply.


The solar hot water system is the best option for long-term savings, though it is the most expensive system to purchase for your hot water system. It is believed that after 5 to 10 years you, will have paid off the system concerning the savings that you have made. When there is the little sun, a booster is needed to support the solar system so as you can have access to hot water in your home. It is the most environmentally-friendly option on the market.


Gas is the most widely-used power supply in most of the homes. It is perfect for households that have quite a large demand. The gas used to power this system will come from two sources – natural or LPG, the latter being the more expensive option.

Heat pump systems

Heat pump systems are one of the newest ones in town. They are better compared to the traditional ways of heating water. These pumps will draw in heat from the surrounding air and use it to warm the water to your desired temperature. However, you have to live in a warm area for it to work effectively.

Once you have decided on the power supply of your instantaneous hot water system and its flow, then you will have to consider some other few factors. Some of these factors include the hot water system size, its energy rating, distance from the taps, your space available, and not forgetting your budget. After you have considered all these factors, then you can come to a final decision and get your hot water system.