Plastic Bottle Recycling South Australia Tips for Better Results

According to the Australian Environmental Protection Agency, around 12 million tons of plastic packaging and containers were disposed of in 2015. However, despite that significant number, only a rough seven per cent of it was recycled. The increasing demand for plastic in recent years have also skyrocketed the popularity and demand for proper recycling. Plastic bottle recycling South Australia, in particular, converts used plastic bottles into many everyday products. These products include garden products, carpet, shipping containers, lawn chairs, and even clothing. That is how far recycling has become. That is why in this article, we are going to show you how to recycle your plastic bottles.


Prepare Bottles


Before you take your plastic bottles to the recycling centre, make sure you clean them up first. Rinse the bottles and remove the labels before taking them to the recycling centre. Remove the lids – you can use them for artistic purposes, or you can throw them away in a different batch. The reason for this is that the caps are made from a different type of plastic, which can contaminate and compromise the recycling process. You will need to flatten water bottles before you add them to the bin.


Check for the Number


An essential part of plastic bottle recycling South Australia also involves knowing the number of water bottles. The bottom of each plastic bottle has a name that is inside the chasing arrows. This number serves as an indication of the type of plastic that is being used in the production process. Most water bottles are made from Number one Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). Recycling centres will vary in the types of plastic that they can process. Contact your local recycling centre now to determine the types of plastics that they accept for recycling. Once you obtain that information, make sure you place only bottles with those designated numbers in your recycling bin.


Only Purchase Recyclable Items


Now is the time that you start thinking green about the items that you purchase. As indicated in the previous paragraph, you should always check the number of the plastic that you’re going to buy in the bottom of the container to make sure that your local recycling centre can recycle it or not. If they do not, then you should look for an alternative that does.


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