The Best Round Bale Twine Brands – Should You Choose Traditional Twine or Net Wrap?

Every person who works in the farming or agricultural industry has already encountered the dilemma of choosing which bailing product to use. While there may be many baling products out there, only two can be debated as the best round bale twine brands: traditional twine and the latest net wrap. Both products fulfil the same purpose. That’s why the most understandable answer to this is that it will depend highly on personal preference. It’s up to the farmer on which, he thinks, is the better baling product. We want you to decide, that’s why we’re going to compare both products and give you the best decision for yourself.


Baling Process

Net wraps are known as the better option when it comes to fast and effective baling. When you use a net wrap, you’ll only have to turn your bales once – twice if you want more protection. However, we can guarantee that once it is already more than enough protection for your silage bales. When you use twine, you’ll have to turn it 20 to 25 times before you can fully cover your silage bales. That means the net wrap is the better option when it comes to fast and efficient baling process. But despite that, twines are still a viable option due to their durability. You can even get the job done with you use twine. But the clear winner for this category goes to net wrap.


Spoilage Rate

Both round bale twine brands offer exceptional protection. If used correctly, both the twine and net wrap can cover and wrap your silage bales completely. That means they can secure your bales and make sure it doesn’t succumb to spoilage once it turns into dry matter. So when it comes to deterioration, both are tied.


Outdoor Storage

It’s very risky when you store your bales outdoors. However, certain circumstances require it to be stored outside. Once this happens, you can ensure that both the twine and net wrap can provide superb protection from the outside forces. That means when you use both net wrap and twine, you can expose your bales to different outdoor conditions and still end up with the high-quality animal feed.


So as you can see, both of these round bale twine brands are perfect. It’s no wonder why they’re among the most in-demand products for baling. Stocks are running out fast for both net wrap and twine. Make sure you secure yours by ordering now!