The Instances When the Shoes You’re Wearing Isn’t the Right Pair

It can be quite difficult to justify why you are spending a lot of money on buying expensive shoes given how quickly it can wear out. However, not because you are in a shopping budget doesn’t mean that the shoes you will have to wear should look cheap. Knowing the factors that make a shoe look cheap in the first place and realising what may look good on an expensive shoe that doesn’t necessarily look good on one priced item is the crucial factor in finding the right shoes.



  1. You choose a pair of shoes with a platforms that are too high.

Your shoe will look significantly cheaper if it features higher platform. It is mainly in the case of a hidden platform that often ends up looking more similar to a hoof with a high heel on the back, unlike any other shoe.  Wearing low heel shoes – Wildfire Shoes are the safe bet to choose as shoes without any platform tend to look chic and most sophisticated.

You should search for footwear where the platform is smaller than the actual sole of a shoe, most especially if you want a look of a no-platform without feeling any discomfort. That way, it wouldn’t be so obvious when you or other people view it from above. Also, stick to shoes with smaller platforms like about half an inch or less if you can’t find a recessed platform that works best for you. Plus, for extra cushioning, you can add a gel insole to the toe area.

  1. You pick shoes that don’t fit.

Aside from looking extremely awkward, wearing shoes that don’t fit your feet well may also affect the way you carry yourself, reducing your confidence level because the way you walk will significantly change. Keep in mind not to buy a shoe that doesn’t fit you right even how gorgeous it is. Although you could stretch the shoe out a little or add padding to make them more secure, surely, you don’t want to go through all that; not to mention if the action is already enough. No doubt, choosing to buy shoes that fit well will not be a waste your time and you save money as well.

  1. It is uncomfortable to wear.

No matter how much your shoe cost, wobbling around on a pair of too-high heels, is never a good look. Aside from making you look bad, even if you have gotten used to walking with wobbly ankles, it is still terrible for you. Plus, it can also cause your shoes to wear out more quickly and unevenly. Thus, for a few months, try switching to low heel shoes – Wildfire Shoes. You should start gradually reintroducing yourself into thinner and higher heels, if you want to focus on improving your posture.