Electrical Outlet Maintenance – What You Need to Know

Faulty electrical sockets constitute a significant cause of house fires. Lots of fire incidences each year can be attributed to bad electrical outlets, causing a lot of damage. Routine maintenance on electrical sockets Australia can drastically reduce the risk of electrical faults like fires in your house. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Electrical socket maintenance prevents malfunctions that can lead to expensive repairs in the future. Follow these tips to ensure that your electrical sockets will remain in a perfect working condition.

Frequently test outlets

As a responsible homeowner, you should make time monthly to test each electrical socket in your house to ensure safety. You can always find inexpensive outlet testers at any hardware. These tools are easy to use as they have an indicator light on each prong. As you plug the tester into each socket, the light indicates any problems with the individual outlet. Detecting the problem early will drastically reduce the chances of a fire or development of a large problem later on.

Replace old wiring

If you discover worn out and damaged wiring, you should immediately have it replaced. The process of replacing a faulty wiring system is very simple, and with some basic knowledge, you can do the task on your own. However, if you do not have the experience or you have electricity phobia, you can consider calling in an electrician who will help you do wiring replacement.

Don’t skimp on parts

There are some situations when it’s better to buy an inexpensive product knock-off, but replacement parts for your electrical sockets is not a place to economise. You should always ensure that you choose supplies that are certified and recognised to be of high quality when it comes to handling electrical power. The parts should be tested and recommended for use before you make a purchase.

Never repair wiring on your own

If the electrical outlet wiring is too serious for you to handle, then turn the project over to a professional electrician. As mentioned above, you should never try to repair your electrical outlet wiring especially if the problem is beyond your understanding. Some home fires are caused by illegal electrical installations which are done by some DIYers. Avoid an accident and hire the best electrician and have the problem solved professionally.

Maintain every electrical outlet

When doing routine maintenance on your electrical sockets Australia, do not forget to check those that are in basements, outdoors, or in the attic. These places are easy to overlook and can still pose a danger. Create a good inventory of your homes electrical outlets and check them regularly for problems. This way, you keep your home and family safe.