All about Net Wraps and Where to Buy Them

Gone are the days when haymaking was the norm. Today, haymaking has moved from ‘analogue’ way to ‘digital’ way. In the past, haymaking was a big deal and almost impractical for the large-scale farmers. The reason is thathuge storage was needed to preserve the hay bales. However, with advancement in agricultural research and education, experts have discovered and introduced new ways of making hay. The modern approach is efficient, economical and suitable for both large-scale and small-scale livestock farmers. It is all about using a net wrap.

Silage WrapNet wrap is a unique product that is made to withstand all the harsh Australian outdoor conditions. It tells you that by using the net wrap, you need not have storage space for your hay bales. All you need is wrap the bales and leave them on the firm. In fact, many manufacturers will guarantee you that the hay will be safe on the outdoors for 12 months. It is more than enough considering that you will have used the feeds by the time the warranty period elapses. It guarantees you value for your money,and also you are sure of quality feeds for your livestock animals,and this means increased production which is good for our economy.

When buying a net wrap, there are several things you need to know. First, there are specific features you need to look for before ordering net wrap form any supplier. The first one is UV stability. Since the bales will be left in the open, you need to be sure that the feeds are safe from UV damage and other harsh sun rays. Also, the net wrap should have good water shedding features which will guarantee you that you do not have to deal with rotting. The net wrap should also be strong enough for easy transportation and even during wrapping.

Since not all supplier can be trusted to supply quality wrapping materials, you need to thorough research and ensure that you are buying from a dealer who is not only reliable but one that can guarantee you that you are getting quality net wraps. The only sure way to be sure you are getting quality products is to get a written warranty. This way, you can be sure that if the net wrap does not meet your expectation, you can get compensated.

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