3 Factors That Can Increase Commercial Fit Outs & Cost Adelaide (& Ways to Avoid Them)

When undertaking a commercial fit-outs project, many people make some common errors that can result in an increase in the overall cost that they have to pay. The make sure that you keep on top of commercial fit outs & cost Adelaide, you must be aware of these three common mistakes. We also included our expert advice on how you can avoid them.

A Poor and Under Planned Fit-Outs Process


The Problem: a common mistake that tends to result in an increase in the final asking price is not spending the time conducting a full and proper tender process. Keep in mind that you should always get a check price so that you will know how much you’ll be paying for the entire project. Making assumptions about the price is a big no-no.


The Solution: Get a list of three companies to provide you with a price. When comparing prices, make sure everything you want to be included in the fit-outs project has been priced accordingly. That way, you won’t scratch your head when the final bill comes out since you’ve already known the numbers even before the project began.


The Wrong Contract


The Problem: another standard error in commercial fit outs & cost Adelaide is choosing the wrong type of contract. This mistake can result in managing the progress of work and scheduling payments to become a full-time commitment, which can compromise your daily operations when you’re running a business.


The Solution: It is always a great idea to go for an industry-standard contract. The simples contract that benefits both parties are a simple lump sum contract. This agreement involves the contractor pricing to complete all of the work on the designer’s drawings for a set price. Anything that’s added after the agreed date is priced separately as extras. Learn more about it here.




The Problem: Another one that almost anyone can relate to is not being able to decide on the options. Take our word for it – it’s usually going to result in a higher cost. Also, it shortens the delivery times, which narrows the scope for sourcing a reasonable price.


The Solution: Plan the time and finalize designs from the outset. Research several legitimate opinions and, most importantly, listen to the advice of the contractor that you hire.


Several other mistakes can potentially result in an increase in the overall commercial fit outs & cost Adelaide. So, if you’re interested in knowing them, subscribe to our newsletter now, and we’ll send you updates straight to your email.