4 Tips When Choosing the Right Plantation Shutters in Adelaide

Plantation shutters are currently among the hottest types of window covers available. It’s multifunctional and can provide your home with a lot of perks and benefits. Installing plantation shutters in Adelaide is easy. However, the hard part comes with choosing the right shutter for your home. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are four expert tips when choosing the right plantation shutter:


Consider Your Window Size

You can’t find the right plantation shutter without considering your window size. It’s important to check if the plantation shutter you’re going to buy will fit your windows. There are a variety of sizes and styles available. You can even get the most accurate size if you go for custom-made plantation shutters. Always keep that in mind when shopping for the ideal plantation shutter.


See if They Fit Your Style

Plantation shutters in Adelaide are known for its ability to “blend in” and complement a home’s interior design. While it does provide its set of unique features, it doesn’t come too striking. That means its subtle design makes it a great complimentary piece for your home. However, with the variety of designs and styles available, you’ll need to do some searching to find the right one for your house. Choose the one that fits perfectly with your home’s style and not against it. That way, you will be satisfied with your purchase.


Not Sure What Color to Choose? Opt for White

White is highly considered as a neutral colour. That makes it the ideal choice to choose, especially if you’re not entirely sure of what colour you should choose. The variety of colours also doesn’t help as you will get overwhelmed with the number of options available. With that said, white is the automatic choice as it can fit with any colour scheme. Another reason to choose white is that you can easily paint it with another colour when you’ve finally made up your mind – or if white starts to get boring.


Determine if the Louvre Size is Fitting

The size of the plantation shutters in Adelaide will depend on the overall look and style of your home. However, most experts claim that two-and-a-half-inch louvre is the go-to option. It’s more traditional and is an excellent choice for average-sized rooms that feature normal ceiling height. If your house has large rooms with high ceilings, the three-and-a-half-inch louvre may be the better option.