Why Consider Windows Glass Adelaide

It is funny how quickly something that could make you gasp can go from bad to fantastic—case in point; stained glass windows Adelaide. A few months ago, a house listing was looking at a house list that included many stained glass windows and asked a friend of mine to just wow me with its look. My response was… umm Nah. At least I don’t live near it now.

My house has wood trim all around the exterior and wood transom windows on the interior and the sides. So when I looked at the house listing, I didn’t see any reason to add them to the design. And sure enough, after seeing the house the next day, I was convinced! Transom windows are an excellent addition to a home and glass windows create a feeling of wide space and allow natural light to stream into a house and make it feel more airy and open.

glass-windows-adelaideWhat makes stained glass windows so beautiful is that they have such a unique visual appeal. Consider an architectural feature that does not look beautiful in the photographs. The problem is that many people will look at the exterior of your house and immediately assume that you must have great architectural features because the exterior looks so beautiful. But the truth is, most homes have pretty dull exteriors. With some simple architectural styling, you can transform your home into a beautiful place to live.

Stained glass windows Adelaide do come in many different styles, colours and textures. One of the most popular is the aluminium faux -panes. These windows look like real panes of glass, but they are thin and flat. They don’t have real panes of glass, so the aluminium is the key to making this style work. You can make any design or colour into almost any room using this wonderful style element as your focal point.

Another way to use stained glass windows and make them your focal point is to use a vintage or re-purposed window frame. You can find many vintage windows for sale at flea markets and garage sales. Many people will use an old window frame as the centrepiece for their entryway design. The frame’s inside can be painted anything you choose, from pastels to bold reds or anything else in the rainbow. This is an easy way to add colour and a little character to an otherwise direct entryway. You can also use this same window frame throughout your home to give a unified look that will tie together your rooms in the design.

Glass windows Adelaide are also a great way to add some natural light into a home. Stained glass doors provide natural light when the sun is shining through your living room or bedroom. The windows themselves can also be used as a natural light source by letting some of the stained glass panels be open so the light can shine through. You can also use some tinted Plexiglas to create a similar effect on your windows. This can be a fun and inexpensive way to add some uplifting colour to your home without spending thousands of dollars on new furniture.