How to Figure Out If You Need a Retaining Wall

You often see retaining walls, but you are not sure what they are for; the truth is you can find these walls in those places where there is a need for support in preventing soil from going downhill with erosion. The most common function of a retaining wall is to prevent gravity from wreaking havoc to uneven terrain.


If you are not sure what the purpose of a retaining wall is, or if you need to build one, continue reading this article.


  1. Retaining walls make use of otherwise useless land.


The early man started using retaining wall techniques to build terraces of usable land on slopes. The most famous examples are Peru’s Sacred Valley and the Philippines’ rice terraces. In the modern setting, retaining walls carry the same purpose for your property. In other words, landscaping your property will be much easier if your yard features a level area, and that is only possible via retaining walls Adelaide.


  1. Prevent or at least manage water runoff.


Retaining walls also serves as an aid to slow down the flow of rainwater. Through this, it can increase the utility of your gardening and lawn care. In most areas, some homeowners build a water-thirsty retaining wall system to help keep polluted street water out of nearby rivers, with a rain garden incorporated in its design.


  1. Offer extra seating.


Once your retaining wall is up and ready to use, it can now provide multiple of unanticipated services like landscaping seating as an example. You can also make use of your retaining wall as a place to sit and chat with your friends or guests depending on where it is situated.

Here are some instances that indicate that you need to build a retaining wall.


You must prevent downhill erosion.


If there are mountains of erosion materials that are clogging the essential areas of your property, constructing a retaining wall could be the best and excellent idea. Retaining walls helps to lessen the erosion by decreasing the angle of a slope and holding back the soil.


Your home sits downhill from soil fault lines.


Even if erosion is not threatening your home now, things could change in a blink of an eye. During earthquakes, the land typically slides away from fault lines because of its impact. If your home is on a downhill area from a fault line, retaining walls Adelaide provides you with the stability you desperate need.




There is a sliding hill threatening your foundation.


We can’t erase the fact that erosion is a significant threat to your home’s foundation. If the soil around a downhill foundation is washing away, or the land is compressing an uphill foundation, a retaining wall can be an aid for you. In most cases, building a retaining wall is one of the essential services landscaping, and contracting companies perform.