Common Mobility Scooter Issues

Just like vehicles, mobility scooters can develop faults and need regular maintenance. If your scooter needs repair, do not force it to move unless you want to damage it completely. Talk to a mobility scooter repairs SA expert if you cannot fix the problem on your own. Your scooter will not develop significant issues overnight. But when you neglect a simple repair, the problem will eventually cause a significant problem that will cost you lots of money. If you are wondering which parts may likely develop faults, then this article is for you.


The Battery


Many scooter users do not know much about the battery, but without the battery, the scooter cannot move unless pushed. When your battery is faulty, you can either repair it or replace it. If you visit a mobility scooter repair shop, the technician will advise on the best way forward. It is always good to keep the battery charged at all time to increase battery life. If the sound of the starter sounds weak or the rights are dim, make sure you charge the battery.



The Tires


Mobility scooters have wheels similar to those of cars and motorbikes. This, therefore, means that the inflated tires can get punctures. When this happens, you can repair the wheel on your own or take the wheel to a Mobility Scooter Repairs SA shop. Besides repairs, you also need to replace the tires when the time is due. The scooter repair technician will advise you when as you take your scooter for regular service and repair.




Armrest repair is minor but necessary. The armrest is a durable part, but this doesn’t mean they cannot wear out. After a long period, the armrest will need repair or replacement. You can also decide to change the armrest from short length to long length and vice versa depending on your personal need. For armrest repair or replacement visit a reputable mobility scooter repair SA company.




With a faulty motor, the mobility scooter cannot move a single inch. The motor is more complicated and needs a professional hand. If the motor is beyond repair, buy a new one and replace it. It is advisable to have the motor replaced other than repaired. A reputable Mobility Scooter Repairs SA shop will guide you on when to repair or replace the motor. It is therefore essential to find a reputable scooter repair shop to be sure you are receiving uncompromised advice.




In a mobility scooter, the controller is the most critical part without which you cannot control your scooter. Therefore, you need to keep this part in check and visit the repair shop whenever you suspect a hitch. The experts understand the functionality of the controller and so will repair or replace it without damaging other parts.