Essentials for a Fairytale Birthday

Celebrating your princess’ fairytale birthday is a challenging and time-consuming, yet enjoyable process. As you count the days down to your precious girl’s celebration, you may feel anxious and at the same time, excited. These mixed emotions are normal since it’s your little girl adding another year of happiness in your life.


If you’re still months away from the big day, here are some of the most important things you should prepare to lessen your worries as the day draws near.




A fairytale-themed birthday party may be easy to organize at first thought, but when you look into the details and aspects, you may find it overwhelming. For the rest of the event, you can hire an event organizer who knows just how to keep the activities flowing nicely, but for your little girl’s change of dresses, it’s your shot to make.




As with your daughter’s birthday dresses, you should also be the one choosing girls shoes that will match each part of the celebration. You have to make sure that your child’s shoes will be presentable and will contemplate the dresses she will wear for the event.


More importantly, you should look for girls shoes that are comfortable. Remember that your daughter is still a girl, so even if she is in a princess dress, she will still play around with cousins and friends. Let her be. She’s only a child for once, so allow her to play around on shoes that aren’t too tight nor too loose for added comfort.




An event organizer can handle everything: the cake, the event itself, flowers, food, and just about everything you need to make sure the party will be just as you imagined. However, the cake design will play a significant role in sending a message of love to your child.




You should also be the one picking out goodies for your child’s birthday. This way, you can add a touch of your artistic and creative side on the giveaways that your daughter’s guest will receive before they go.


Overall Theme


Your organizer can recommend fairytale themes, but you should decide how the overall theme should be presented for your daughter’s party. Set a schedule with your organizer so you can discuss your preferences for the theme, as well as aspects that you believe your daughter and her guests will enjoy.


Girls’ birthdays can be more challenging than that of boys. On the other hand, you will enjoy the preparation process if you start early on and not get in a rush one month or two weeks before the big day.



Enjoy the preparations, take your child with you for dress and shoe fittings, and involve your child in theme-picking. She will appreciate something she helped decide on, and you will also instil in her some sense of responsibility – a gift she will forever treasure.