Advantages of Silage Wrap

The 5+ silage wrap is specially designed to give you the most economical value for money from a roll of fiber. It also provides a highly dense surface that can withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions without tearing, cracking or peeling. The five-layer texture and two-layered clear coating ensure that the product offers the proper protection from the elements and the perfect wrapping for the most demanding requirements. The 5-layer surface and two-layered clear coat of the silage wrap provide superior protection from the sun and UV radiation. The five-layer texture and two-layered clear coat of the silage wrap give you a highly dense surface that is highly effective in absorbing infrared radiation.

The low emission and reflectivity coated polyester film, which offers superior protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays, is the main ingredient behind the production of Silage film by SilageWrap. The 5-layer texture and two-layered clear coat of this product ensure that the product provides maximum protection against the elements. The product’s durability is enhanced by the high tensile strength of the fiber and the resistance to damage caused by chemicals, heat, wind and abrasion. The five-layered texture and two-layered clear coat of the silage film ensures that the product offers optimum protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays but is also highly effective in reflecting and blocking the ultraviolet rays from penetrating through the material. This makes the wrap an ideal option for preventing heat gain during the summer months and is an ideal wrapping for the protection of plants during the spring and summer seasons.


The silage wrap in Silage film by SilageWrap is available in a number of materials to suit various industrial requirements. The fiberglass-coated polyester material and the acrylic laminate offer maximum flexibility and durability to the wrapping. In addition, they are also resistant to ultraviolet rays and do not suffer from any discoloration, cracking or shrinking in the exposed areas. The fiberglass-coated polyester material is lightweight and can be conveniently folded and stored with ease, while the acrylic laminate is ideal for high-end wrapping applications.

The silage film is used extensively to wrap round bales and cover shipping containers’ outside surfaces. It can effectively protect delicate surfaces from the harmful effects of moisture and humidity. These films can be applied to any flat surface such as a flatbed bale, a corrugated box, or even flat stock. The films are very popular worldwide as they provide excellent coverage of the large area with little effort.

Silage film can be pre-stretched to fit the precise size of the bales or corrugated boxes, reducing the manual work involved in wrapping the bales. The pre-stretched film can be easily cut to fit the dimensions of the corrugated boxes and then affixed with adhesives or permanently fixed on the surface of the box using nails, tape or epoxy. When required, silage film can be easily removed, washed and reused whenever needed. This feature makes this an excellent alternative to wrapping bales manually.

With increased globalization and industrialization in developing countries, the availability of raw materials has increased, and these ingredients’ price has come down. This has led to a rise in demand for quality silage at a lower price, leading to increased sales of silage wrapping and rolls. High quality silage is used for a variety of applications from drying meat and fish to drying leaves and stalks for agricultural and landscape applications. Demand for silage wrapping has steadily increased in developing countries and has become one of the fastest growing segments of the global silage industry.