What Makes Floor Tiles So Popular – Find Out

In the modern life, many trends come and go, but one thing that is here to stay in the interior design is the floor tiles. Tiles have been there for many years, and until today, they still rule the design of many houses. Today, this material is used almost everywhere in the house. You will find the floor tiles in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, etc.

The most common materials chosen a few decades ago were carpets, then everyone was for the idea of laminate flooring, and if the budget was not an issue for you, the real wood flooring was and is still a boom. Now, more people are choosing floor tiles Adelaide. But why? Below are some reasons why many people prefer to go with floor tiles when it comes to interior designs.

Modern look

Floor tiles in some rooms like kitchen, hallway, and other areas in the house is a relatively new concept and a popular one. Therefore, to keep your home with a modern look and tasteful design, then you should consider tiling. Imagine walking into the hallway of a house with light coloured flooring leading all the way to the kitchen with the same floor tiles. It creates an open, modern, and classy look that all your guests will notice.


A major reason why many people choose floor tiles is that it comes with different styles and colour choice. Whether you are looking for a neutral stone effect, a natural look, or you want to create a fresh, modern look, some tiles can suit your taste. You can choose quartz tiles which have inlaid shiny metallic pieces that sparkle in the light. Therefore, if you’re looking for the wow factor, then be sure there are floor tiles that can give you just that.

Adds value

Many cases might force you to sell your house. If you have installed floor tiles and you are selling your home, they will add value to your house, and you will fetch a good deal. This flooring material is classed as luxury as they create a modern look that makes the house more attractive. Therefore, expect a home that has tiles to cost more than another house in the same location but with different flooring material.

Easy to clean

A bonus to installing floor tiles Adelaide is the ease of cleaning. If you accidentally spill red wine on a carpet, then you will have a hard time trying to clean that. However, if you do it on a tiled floor, you will clean than in seconds as you only need to wipe with a clean cloth and you are done. Also, tiles are good with pets as all the hair and dirt that comes with them can easily be removed by mopping.