4 Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses Big or Small

Facebook has become the most used online marketing avenue for promotions and doing business. It has come a long way from being just a website for socializing with other people. Now, you can do business with it. However, if you want to ensure success on Facebook, you need to have a plan. In this article, we’re going to go over four effective Facebook marketing strategies that will help businesses of any stature.

Leverage from the Existing Traffic to Your Site

Facebook Marketing StrategiesAlways remember that when you’re doing online marketing, you’ll need to have a fully-functional website. The reason is that it will function as your sales transaction hub or storefront where people come to buy your products, acquire your services, or learn more about your brand. The best part about it is that you can easily leverage the existing traffic on your website by placing social media icons that are visible and can be clicked. These icons will redirect you’re to your Facebook business page or your other social media profiles.

Use Your Email Signature to Display Your Facebook Page URL

If you’re using email for contacting customers and potential clients, you can use your email signature to display your Facebook page URL. This is one of the most effective Facebook marketing strategies as most of your recipients will more than likely click on the link to find out more about you. So make sure you have your Facebook page URL, along with other social media URLs, on the bottom of your email signature. That way, you can also leverage from your emails.

Send Out Email Blasts

Speaking about emails, you should also send out email blasts to let people know that you’re on Facebook. In fact, it should be the first goal that you do on your Facebook marketing campaign. You can either manually do it – which isn’t ideal, you or can use email marketing tools like AWeber and Mailchimp. Also, make sure you send it to your target audience. Don’t throw it to people who don’t find your business relevant to them. Otherwise, your email will be flagged as spam.

Determine the Best Day to Post

Finally, always bear in mind that content is the most powerful tool for awareness and growing your reputation. That means making relevant posts on your Facebook page is critical to Facebook marketing success. One of the most important Facebook Marketing strategies involves determining the best day to post. Check the best hours that your fans are active and online. Once you’ve determined these hours, make sure you make your posts during these time slots.