What to Consider Regarding Knee Replacement Surgeons

Total knee replacement surgery is the correct option for severe osteoarthritic knee joint pain. The surgeon replaces the damaged tissue and bone with prosthetic components and removes the impaired bone. Partial knee replacement usually is suitable for younger patients or those with limited mobility from other conditions.

Knee Replacement Surgeons in AdelaideKnee arthritis is one of the most common ailments in adults over 60 years old. Osteoarthritis can cause excruciating knee pain, limiting one’s ability to move independently and go about daily tasks. Some forms of arthritis can be overcome through weight loss and exercise, but others are more difficult to treat. It leads to an increasing number of people requiring knee replacement surgery. This procedure is performed by surgeons specializing in reconstructive knee surgery.

The surgical wounds are usually minor, as adult reconstructive procedures tend to be smaller than those required for younger patients. Implant placement is not affected by age; however, it can be an issue for older individuals with less healthy joints. Aging of the hip and knee will cause the hip cartilage to fuse to the thighbone (the femur) in addition to the shinbone (the tibia). This fusion can lead to increased mobility problems as the adult bone will no longer fit neatly into the surrounding cartilage. As a result, the prosthesis will either fit poorly or not fit at all.

The physical dimensions of your body are important factors when determining which prosthesis is most suitable. Your orthopaedic surgeon should be able to discuss these issues with you before your surgery. Since the location of the incisions and the length of time you will be required to stay in the hospital will also be determined by these factors, the surgeon you choose to perform your total knee replacements should be able to discuss them with you as well.

In addition, you should also consider whether you want a “keystone” surgical procedure or one that will require more than one visit to the hospital. You can find a surgeon at Knee Replacement Surgeons in Adelaide who offers both types of services by looking online. Your surgeon should also explain the difference between their total knee replacement implant options.

As you can see, there are many elements to consider before choosing to have a surgical procedure to correct your arthritic knee joint. Your surgeon will help you better evaluate your choices and recommend the best surgical solution for your needs. However, if you find that you are in good health and that your doctor feels you are a good candidate for a surgical solution, Knee Replacement Surgeons in Adelaide should discuss the alternatives to your arthritis with you. It is important for both your comfort and the success of your surgery.