What to Look for When Choosing a Door Lever

A door lever or knob is a simple handle used to operate or close a door. Door levers are available on various doors such as external doors of commercial and residential buildings, internal ones, closet doors and car doors. There are various styles of Door Levers, based on the proper usage.

The majority of door knobs from Lo and Co Interiors have three or four horizontal plates, called strike plates. When a doorknob is used to operate a particular door, it slides up and down to turn the handle. This crank acts as the handle and allows the door lever to turn.

There are different styles of handles for different kinds of door hardware. For example, a kitchen door handles have a straight shaft and a curved one instead of a residential or exterior door lever, which often have an egg-shaped profile. These door lever designs are convenient when you want to reach a specific area. For instance, a kitchen knob often has a round or oval surface. On the other hand, the door lever design in an exterior door is usually straight, with a flat surface.

door-leversAside from the design and appearance, there are some essential features to look for when buying door levers from Lo and Co Interiors. A good quality lever should have a high-quality, durable and long-lasting metal strike plate, with a smooth and rounded top surface. Some manufacturers produce door knobs with rubber or plastic grips. While rubber or plastic grips provide more grip when opening or closing the door, they can also make the lever stiff or sticky, causing it to work harder than necessary, which can cause wear or breakage sooner than you’d expect.

Another common problem with door knobs and handles occurs when they begin to show signs of aging. Exterior door lever and knob manufacturers recommend that they be cleaned or oiled at least once a year, and if you’re storing your doorknobs away, it’s recommended that you clean them before each use and oil them every other month. Regular maintenance helps prevent door lever and handle aging. The aging process can happen if the aluminium-cadmium coatings oxidize or become coated with mineral deposits such as oil or wax.

Doorknobs and handles with aluminium-cadmium coatings are particularly susceptible to aging. Over time, they start to turn slightly yellowish due to the build-up of oxidation on the surface. If left untreated, this door lever and handle aging can speed up, creating pain and discomfort when turning the door locks or lifting the door lever. Over time, this will lead to more frequent trips to the hardware store as users try to maintain the aging door lever.

Aluminium-cadmium door knobs and handles make excellent Door Levers available in many finishes, from polished to oiled and from matte to glossy. This makes it easy to match them to existing doors and to introduce something new into your home. Some consumers have requested that their existing doorknobs and handles be offered in various colours. Besides, some exterior door locks and handles are now offering a range of decorative features on their products, including engraving, decorative cases and extra keys.

Consumers looking for exterior door levers and doorknobs may also be interested in finding accessories. Accessories, such as key-ring sets or extra keys, make it easier to lock and unlock cars, trucks and houses. It may also be useful for people who want to add a bit of spice to plain doorknobs and handles. It is possible to buy combination sets of doorknobs and handles and add a matching key ring.