3 Clear Signs that You May Need to Call DetailPestControl Termite Control Adelaide Service

Of all the pests that you hate having at home, termites are probably on the top of the list. These little critters may look harmless, but they have the potential to hollow your wooden wall if given a chance. They’re a nuisance to any wooden material inside your home. That includes your home’s foundation, your furniture, and so much more. Fortunately, dealing with these tiny monsters is easy when you call DetailPestControl termite control Adelaide service. But do you even know that you have termites at home? It can be challenging to tell. That’s why we bring you five important signs that indicate that you have termites at home:


Head Banging

Have you wondered what termites sound like? Do you ever wonder what that faint sound you hear behind your wall is? That’s probably it – termite soldiers slowly tearing your wall down. This quiet but consistent sound coming from your walls is an indication of termite presence. Soldier termites tend to bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies when the colony is disturbed. It’s a way for them to signal danger to other termites. So, if you start hearing this faint sound behind your walls, know that you and termites should probably call an exterminator as soon as possible.


Flying Termites

Another indication of termites in your house is the presence of flying termites. Also known as swarmers, these flying critters are the males and females that have lest the next to find a mate and establish their own colony. So, if you ever spot flying termites, know that there’s already a large colony of termites in your home. What’s worse is that these winged termites are going to make things worse. So do yourself a favour by calling DetailPestControl termite control Adelaide service right away.


Hollow or Papery Sounding Timber

Termites usually consume wood from the inside out. They will leave a thin veneer of timber to cover their devastation. When you tap or knock on an area that has clear signs of termite damage, it will sound papery or hollow. The reason is that the significant part of the timber that’s inside has already been eaten away. To prevent that area from accumulating more damages, make sure you call for termite control right away.


Sometimes it only takes a keen eye to know if a house is being devastated by termites. Follow these tips and make sure you call DetailPestControl termite control Adelaide right away.