The Benefits of Manual Driving Lessons

One of the key decisions that aspiring drivers have to make when they decide to go to driving school is whether they want to learn manual or automatic transmission. Both options have their distinct advantages, with automatic cars being easier as it doesn’t require shifting through gears like in manual transmission.

However, despite this glaring advantage, there are plenty of benefits to learning how to drive a manual vehicle as well. With that said, here are some of the advantages of learning to drive in a manual car:

Driving Automatic Will be a Breeze

driving-schoolIf you managed to learn how to drive a manual vehicle, you now have the choice to purchase either a manual or an automatic car. Remember that automatic vehicles don’t have a clutch, which makes it easier. Now that you’ve mastered shifting gears, driving an automatic vehicle will be that much easier for you.

Most seasoned drivers recommend that new drivers learn manual transmission first. Manual driving offers the complete package, something that automatic driving can’t provide.

Fuel Efficiency

While most modern automatic vehicles do a decent job at shifting gears, older models will generally not be as quick or smooth as manual driving. Being able to drive a manual vehicle will save you a lot of money on fuels when you first start driving, which is an absolute plus.

Better Understanding

Getting lessons at a driving school will guarantee that you’ll have a better understanding of your manual transmission vehicle and how its power is used. By understanding how manual vehicles work, you will also understand what it needs from you. In addition, you are also in complete control at all times.

Prevent Distracted Driving

The majority of vehicle accidents that occur nowadays involve automatic vehicles. Because you don’t have to be mindful of your clutch, automatic vehicles encourage new drivers to cruise along and zone out a little. All you need to do is be mindful of your speed and the road. With manual driving — not so much.

When you drive a manual vehicle, you are required to go through the motions of changing gears, which keeps your mind active. This activity also leads to more effective driving.

Fewer Restrictions

By learning how to drive a manual vehicle, you have the freedom to choose when it comes to the car you drive. You won’t have to compromise your list since you don’t have any restrictions. Automatic drivers are always restricted to automatic alone since they’re not used to shifting through gears.

Cheaper maintenance

Finally, one of the most important reasons why you should consider getting lessons at a driving school is due to its less expensive maintenance. Manual cars are generally cheaper to maintain since mechanics can focus on more specific issues when problems occur.

The most common issue that you’d face in a manual vehicle is the clutch. However, driving well should ensure that it will maintain its strength for miles.

If something goes wrong with an automatic vehicle, you’ll need to shell out a lot more just to repair a particular area. Some even require replacing an entire unit.