Reasons Why You Should Install Protection for your Gutters

Your gutters play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of your roofing system and the house in general. With the installation of the gutters comes the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and keep it clean. An average homeowner like you should know that the gutters are up there to provide direction for rainwater down to the pipes and the ground below. The gutter system is an indispensable part of the roof because, without it, rain will remain up there and cause considerable damage to the structure.

Since gutters are designed to give water the proper channel to find its way to the downspouts, they need to be clear of any debris that could lead to clogs. If you live in a house that sits near a tree, there is a tendency for dead leaves, branches, and twigs to fall on the roof, where the debris might find themselves building up in the gutters. When that happens, the gutters get clogged, and when rain falls, it’ll result in standing water on the roof. You wouldn’t want that to happen because it could make matters worse, like when it leads to leaks and basement flooding.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect the gutter system. You can install protection in the form of a gutter mesh, guards, and screens. By installing protection, you benefit by way of:

1 – Clog Prevention

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest threat to your gutters is debris like leaves, twigs, branches, and even toys and dead animals. You might wonder how toys reach the roof; well, the answer is that when you have kids at home, they tend to throw stuff on the roof. If debris builds up and clogs the gutters with no protection, water will stand or overflow. Now if you install gutter guards or mesh, debris cannot penetrate or build up.

2 – Preventing the Likelihood of Rusting

Another reason why you should invest in gutter protection is that it prevents the build-up of rust. You do not want rust to overcome your gutters because ignoring its presence in some parts of the system means that it will spread over time. Since the roof and gutters are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions, the likelihood of rusting is always there. But with gutter protection, you expect the system to last longer than usual.

3 – Avoiding Standing Water

Finally, investing in a gutter mesh or guard will prevent the possibility of standing or stagnant water on the roof. If rainwater does not find a clear way down, it stands on your gutters and becomes an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and roaches. You likewise wouldn’t want water to stay on the roof because the added weight could put pressure on the structure and may cause leaks and other problems.