How to Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps pose a substantial hazard and legal liability to property owners. Each day, countless attorneys are filing liability cases for personal injuries resulting from tree stumps. By removing a tree stump, you can prevent further injuries and legal liability. This article offers you an in-depth analysis of the most common stump removal Adelaide techniques.

stump-removal-adelaideGrinding or drilling holes for removing tree stumps is a common technique employed by most tree removal specialists. Grinding a stump occurs when a professional uses a sharpened tool called a stump grinder to chip away at the stump. The problem arises when this method is not performed safely. When grinding, wood chips and other small debris fly into the air; they can easily lodge in the specialist’s mouth and throat as they grind away. Air leaks, smoke, and restricted air supply may also result.

When removing tree stumps, it is advisable to seek a professional contractor equipped to handle this specialised job. Contractors possess the proper equipment and protective gear to protect themselves while performing this task. They should also be able to provide you with expert advice. A large grinding wheel is used when grinding tree remains. Grinding should only be performed on level ground and with permission from the homeowner.

Another common method for stump removal Adelaide is hand digging. The process entails removing a portion of the stump and carefully digging around it. A shovel and handpick are typically used in the process of hand digging. This method can be very dangerous, as it involves both hands and a power shovel.

Other methods may be considered when stump removal Adelaide, such as the use of hydro-jetting. This method involves using pressurised water to blast away the stump. The pressurised water shoots out at a high pressure, which eats away at the stump. A similar type of hydro-jetting can also be performed by attaching a negative pressure system to an excavating machine. The excavating machine will then shoot the Hydro-Jet across the top of the stump, literally eating away at it inch by inch. These methods can be costly, but the results are often permanent.

Tree stumps can pose a hazard if not removed promptly. If left alone, they can slowly take up all of the available space in a yard. They can also be a safety hazard since they can result in the springing up of a larger, dangerous stump. Removing tree remains can often prove to be the best possible solution. Although it may prove to be a bit more labour intensive, the added work will be worth it when you consider the danger that these unsightly stumps present.