What You Must Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentist AdelaideWhen you hear the term “cosmetic dentistry,” the first thing that comes to mind is giving yourself a better smile. In the past, a healthy and beautiful smile was not a big deal. But today, it is instrumental when it comes to gaining self-confidence. The most conventional way of improving your smile is through teeth whitening. It is a process that’s effective for some but won’t work for others. While teeth whitening is something you can do on your own by purchasing over-the-counter products, the results will take longer to become noticeable. If you want to improve your smile and the general appearance of your teeth, you must visit a cosmetic dentist Adelaide.


Cosmetic dentistry, although not recognised as an official field of dentistry, works by improving someone’s smile. But the truth is it is more than just about making your teeth retain its natural colour. There are other important reasons to go to a cosmetic dentist Adelaide than merely having your teeth whitened. For instance, a dental professional can help in fixing teeth with root canals, cracked or chipped teeth, missing teeth and those with gaps, and others.


When you go to a dental office to avail of cosmetic dentistry services, you most likely will get any of the following:


-Teeth whitening using strong and potent products that provide results faster than over-the-counter whitening products


-Enamel shaping as well as contouring with the use of a filing-like method for reshaping the teeth in the most comfortable manner possible


-The application of dental veneers, which are a thin layer of composite or ceramic resin tooth-coloured material designed for placement over the teeth for the improvement of colour, shape, or size


-Teeth bonding that includes the use of tooth-coloured composite resin for the recovery of your tooth’s shape


-The method of tooth-coloured fillings for improving the form, size, as well as the colour of the teeth


-Using bridges in which natural-looking teeth replacements get attached to both sides of a gap to close it



-Bonding dental crowns usually made from tooth-coloured porcelain as a treatment for damaged teeth, typically covering or encircling them


-The application of dentures that serve as a removable plate with one tooth up to a full set of artificial teeth


-Dental implants by way of installing titanium on the patient’s jawbone, allowing the quick healing of the gums and attaching crowns to make them look permanent


You see, there are so many other things that cosmetic dentistry can offer, but it all boils down to giving you back your confidence. Also, you probably already understand that cosmetic dentistry also helps in treating conditions involving your teeth and gums.